Our client, a Digital ID company working on an app with 2 million downloads so far, is looking for a Systems Engineer.

Starting with a multi-site UK datacentre infrastructure, our client is aiming at expanding internationally in the coming months.

About the role

  • Focusing on core production systems, you will take part in building and evolving server infrastructure from a very early phase.
  • You will help design and implement the platform and management infrastructure, with an emphasis on security, resource isolation, deployment automation, redundancy and high-availability.
  • You will assist with daily operations of storage solutions.
  • The role will also involve implementing comprehensive but lightweight monitoring, auditing and logging of all hardware, logical systems and software services.
  • In most situations, your deployments will focus on automation and mass orchestration, with minimal manual intervention, to allow for scalability, simplicity of deployment and rapid disaster recovery.
  • You will be required to take part in an on-call rota.

Skills and Experience Requirements 

  • Strong Linux skills, preferably a specialist in Debian based systems.
  • Understanding of Linux-based firewalls and server hardening.
  • Solid scripting experience (Python, Bash).
  • Infrastructure as Code: Cloudformation,Terraform or Salt-Cloud.
  • Willing to rack hardware and travel to datacentres.
  • Hand on experience with automation tools like SaltStack, Puppet, Chef or Ansible.
  • Hand on experience with Kubernetes/Mesos.
  • Experience installing and configuring web servers with SSL : Apache, Nginx.
  • Solid experience with DNS technologies : Bind, NSD, Powerdns, Djbdns.
  • Experience with virtualization : Vmware, Xen, KVM/QEMU, Proxmox.
  • Experience with cloud services such as AWS or Openstack.
  • Hands-on experience with administering RDBMS, preferably PostgreSQL and MySQL, in a HA environment (replication, database clustering).
  • Exposure to NoSQL database systems (Couchbase, MongoDB).
  • Working knowledge of storage systems - DASD, SAN, NAS and distributed filesystems (OCFS, GFS, GlusterFS etc).
  • Experience with load balancing : hardware or software load balancers (Haproxy, Nginx).
  • Willing to be on an after hours on-call rota.
  • Good knowledge of TCP/IP.
  • Experience with L2 and L3 networks.
  • Basic understanding of routing and switching.
  • Experience with version control systems, git, svn etc.
  • Intrusion detection systems.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with Sathana Jeyanthiran on 07419 348 035 or sathana@tantarecruitment.com.

To apply please complete the form on this page or send your CV to Sathana.

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